"I believe that you catch more flies with honey! But if that doesn’t work, I bring the fly swatter!"

David R. Wilson

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Unlike most attorneys, Attorney David R. Wilson created and followed his own, very unique, pathway to practicing law. He started his professional career in law enforcement where he excelled in many different roles. He served as a White Collar Criminal Investigator and founded the agency’s High-Tech Crimes Division. While working as a full-time criminal investigator, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Business.

David’s years in law enforcement and litigation consulting guided him to his next challenge. While working full time at D6 Consulting, he attended law school in the evenings. David proudly graduated from Texas A&M School of Law in December 2014.

As the son of a modest South Texas family, David learned, and holds true to the values, that there is nothing more valuable than his strong character, integrity, honesty, and his commitment. David holds true to these values each and every day in his professional and personal life. Over the years, his clients have come to know and rely on his values and unwavering commitment to get the job done.

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Nov 2

Invoking your 5th Amendment rights when pulled over by Police alt

Pleading the 5th in Traffic Stops Although television most often has characters invoking the 5th Amendment during a police interview or trial, this right can be evoked even at a traffic stop. You do not need to answer police questions, whether it is for speeding, a car accident, or a DUI until you speak with […]


Oct 30

How the courts determine “ minimum reasonable needs” for Texas Spousal Maintenance Payments alt

In the state of Texas, once a court has determined that one spouse is entitled to receive maintenance payments after a divorce, the court must then consider and analyze all relevant information to determine what the payments will be. For instance, the court considers the ability of the spouse seeking payments to provide for his […]


Oct 26

Can I be charged with Assault if there was no physical contact? alt

An arrest can be quite a frightening and disorienting experience. This is especially the case if you believe you have done nothing wrong. If you have been arrested and charged with assault, but you did not physically touch the other person, you may think the authorities have nothing and on you and that you will […]

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