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Wilson Law Practice provides creative legal solutions to businesses and Individuals with business formation, contract drafting and enforcement, consumer protection, tort claims, and general legal needs. And when necessary vigorously representing them in civil litigation.

Business and consumer law is an umbrella category for a wide range of legal issues, including contract law, business formation, non-compete agreements, consumer protection laws and tort claims. Business owners and managers need and want to focus the bulk of their energy on profit-making. Their primary concerns surround the essence of the businesses they operate: creating products, selling products, designing and providing services in demand. Qualified legal counsel is essential.


Where Business Practices And Laws Intersect

Texas Business Attorney

Because of the strong connections between business and law, businesses often require legal counsel and representation in specific matters such as:

Wilson Law Practice PLLC, in Colleyville is a valuable resource for Texas businesses and individuals seeking an attorney with up-to-date skills and knowledge in business and consumer law. Lawyer David R. Wilson offers a full array of skills that in business and consumer law matters, as well as extensive knowledge in niche areas involving technology, eDiscovery, and Computer Forensics.

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