Legal Investigations And Business

As a former law enforcement agent and detective and a longtime consulting business owner, Mr. Wilson’s knowledge in criminal law, family law and commercial law areas stands out as both practical and extensive.

When Legal Investigations Infringe On Business As Usual

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A legal investigation can pose a threat to the health of normal business operations. Owners and managers of businesses that face Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations therefore have a twofold challenge: to meet the demands of the investigation and to continue business as usual with minimal interruptions. A skilled attorney with ample experience handling legal investigations can be difficult to find. Clients of Wilson Law Practice PLLC, in the Dallas area are reassured of a wise choice of a lawyer, thanks to Mr. Wilson’s:

  • Previous career in law enforcement, when he often scrutinized results of legal investigations of businesses
  • Previous career as a detective focusing on white collar crime and in particular, computer technology-related investigations
  • Up-to-date skills in information governance and its role in investigations involving electronic data management
  • Familiarity with the Department of Justice developed over years of close involvement with legal investigations
  • Well-honed intuition allowing him to see beyond the obvious and anticipate likely next steps in an investigation and prepare clients accordingly

As a law enforcement agent, Mr. Wilson dealt with a full array of criminal cases ranging from simple to complex organized crime scenarios. As a business and commercial lawyer advising and representing businesses targeted in legal investigations, he applies knowledge gained and the strength of experience to each case with insight and perseverance.

Understand Forensic Technology And Legal Investigations: Protect Your Business

If your business is facing a DOJ investigation or might face one soon, please keep in mind that the sooner you bring an attorney on board, the greater number of options there will be for favorable outcomes. Is your business a likely target of accusations of health care fraud or other illegal practices? For best results, take action sooner rather than later.

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“I am prepared to determine where your areas of exposure lie, advise you on how to minimize the risks of undesirable outcomes and guide you through the process of compliance or defense, as is appropriate to your unique situation.” — David R. Wilson

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