Criminal Defense

As a former law enforcement agent and detective and a longtime consulting business owner, Mr. Wilson’s knowledge in criminal law, family law and commercial law areas stands out as both practical and extensive.

Criminal Defense

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys

When you’re faced with the prospect of facing jail, it can be an emotionally trying time your life. At the Wilson Law Practice, we take the time to understand your case and work hard to get you the best result possible.  As a former criminal investigator, Attorney David Wilson understands the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case allowing Attorney Wilson to provide our clients with a strong defense to criminal charges.

In addition to practicing criminal defense law in DFW, Attorney Wilson is also a recognized expert in the field of Computer Forensics. During his career he has examined thousands of computers, iPhones, smart phones, tablet devices, and servers to challenge opinions and findings of others.

Faced with the possibility of jail time? Contact the Dallas criminal defense attorneys at the Wilson Law Practice for legal representation today.

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