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It may be fair to say that few litigators in the Dallas / Fort Worth area have the depth and breadth of experience that lawyer David R. Wilson brings to the table in the area of ediscovery in complex litigation matters. Having served in the roles of Court-Appointed Special Master, Consulting Expert, and Testifying Expert in eDiscovery and Computer Forensic matters,  Mr. Wilson is uniquely qualified to advise, guide and represent businesses and their outside-counsel through the ediscovery process for litigation or regulatory investigations.

In this area of the law, other lawyers often seek collaboration with attorney David R. Wilson because of his vast experience. Most lawyers involved in state or federal courts find it challenging to maneuver the technology aspects of ediscovery. Wilson Law Practice PLLC, is therefore a valuable resource for businesses as well as other attorneys.

Wilson Law Practice PLLC, advises other law firms handling discovery for complex litigation matters in terms of:

  • eDiscovery Risk Assessments
  • Developing and Implementing eDiscovery Methodologies
  • Electronic Data Preservation & Collection
  • eDiscovery Compliance
  • Creating Efficient and Cost Effective eDiscovery Solutions  

Businesses and attorneys representing businesses often inquire about discovery needs when they are in a reactive mode, after a lawsuit has been filed. However, it is also advisable to practice risk management by having information governance under control before disputes or investigations arise. In this way, a business facing claims or lawsuits will be ready to respond cost-efficiently while protecting its rights and best interests from a legal standpoint.

From our law offices in Colleyville, Wilson Law Practice PLLC, most often serves clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

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